Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ramsons - The King of Spring

If there is one Spring foraging sight that might be considered unmistakeable, it's the heady pungent aroma and bright white heads of Wild Garlic bobbing in the breeze in a shady nook.

When we started our venture last autumn, we had no idea where would be the best spot to find them local to us...until today!

10 mile meander through Fant Farm, up past St Margaret's church, up to and through Oaken Woods, and back down through Teston, and home along the river Medway.

Oaken woods didn't disappoint, its maze of walks lined with wild strawberries, violets, and promises of plenty of cob nuts and sweet chestnuts later in the season.

The "north pole road" heading down to Teston/Wateringbury has Wild Garlic (Ramson's) along it's northern edge.

But the best haul, if you want a pot-full of Ramson's is the Medway River Walk between Teston Bridge and Fant Farm.  look out for shady nooks and the white heads, and enjoy! - There's plenty to go round.


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