Saturday, 30 June 2012

A wander out from Wye....

Continuning our 2012 quest to complete the North Down's way, whilst reviewing the tastier aspects of what we find along the way, we got back on track this morning.

Strolling east from Wye, up to the North downs ridge, over the top of the Wye Crown and onwards.

Just outside Wye there are some naturalised Red Currants

managed to pick a bowl full, but there is a 50 yard path edge of them, so plenty more left.
(They are currently being turned into "fruit leathers" with some wild strawberries and home grown ones - photo to follow)

But whilst picking the currants,
a meatier treat was staring down at me from the tree.

A big thick Chicken of the Woods fungi

Once you climb out of Wye up onto the grassy cow filled ridge fields then there are also plenty of field mushrooms, and also puff balls starting to swell too (too small to pick just yet).

So all in all, a great walk, and a great forage too.


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