Sunday, 25 March 2012

Foraging for Spring and Summer baking decorations....

The North Downs Way from Hucking to Harrietsham runs through numerous copses of chalk downland and woodlands.

Along the way look out for a number of baking decoration ingredients for free.

Wild Strawberries - just coming into flower today - so another 2-3 weeks and you should have strawbs ready to pick.  They're delicious added to the top of cup cakes embedded in the icing

Wild Violets - both natural and white ones
pick a few flowers and dip in sugar solution and dry off. use as you would shop bought crystallised flower decorations

There are also numerous patches of wild yellow
primroses - which any one can spot - use these as above

It goes without saying - please DO NOT dig up any wild flowers if you suddenly get an urge to try and transplant a few of them to your own garden - they are easily disturbed, there are not a shortage of them if all you take is a handful of little flower heads, and their surrounding habitat contains numerous other life forms which would be upset if you dug them up too.

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