Sunday, 8 January 2012

she sells sea-shells, on the sea-shore.

Well....forages's no longer commonly legal to sell that which was collected or foraged on publicly accessible land or at the waters edge...and besides, it's better to just forage what you fancy for tonight's pot, leaving plenty still there for next time, or indeed, the next forager to enjoy.

Irrespective of the old wives tales, the claims, and counter-claims (or should that be clams?)....there is an "r" in the month....and it's nice and cool.....and our favourite beach is a blue flag next weekend we'll be off to get some oysters, and maybe have a go at some razor-clams too.

and here's what we're going to do with them.....given you can't guarantee the safety of raw oysters, even commercial Oyster farms on the Kent coast put them through clean filter and UV filtering to kill bugs, it's always best to shell them and cook them.....but that in no way detracts from the wonderful fresh flavour of them.

two recipes to whet your appetite for a spot of coastal foraging the January.

Oysters Kilpatrick


Gridled Oysters with Parma Ham & Goats Cheese

Happy Foraging.


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