Saturday, 31 December 2011

Kentish Marsh Foraging - Sea Beet and Purlsane

Sea Beet
Sea Purslane

On the Kent Coast, along the 10 mile path between Sittingbourne and Sea Salter via Faversham are patches of sea purslane and sea beet growing in large quantities.

Sea Beet - treat like spinach - pick the smaller, new leaves, (or trim out the stalk from older larger ones) and steam or add to dishes at the end so they wilt.

Sea Purslane - little 2cm long silvery leaves, on straggly bushes, just above the high tide mark, treat like little salty additions to salads - just a few - or I've read they are great to be used like a salty thyme or rosemary seasoning on roasted vegetables - just through them in with then for the last ten minutes of roasting, and they will add a salty, herb-like seasoning to them.



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